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"The film industry is an extremely collaborative business. This company is about bringing together talented freelancers to produce high quality media within a given brief, at the same time delivering material that grabs audiences and resonates with them."

                                                                                                                                                   - Nicola Hosking, Company Director



By Momento Films, Apr 20 2016 06:15PM

As Echo Screen nears the end of it's Post Production journey, we wanted to share some poster designs with you all. Both designed by Olga Gunderich. Let us know which one you like best!

By Momento Films, Sep 16 2015 03:04PM

Momento Films are excited to announce our next project: Echo Screen.

Echo Screen focuses on a probational experiment which forces its first volunteer to confront the horror of her crimes in order to be assessed for bail.

The short is co-written by company director, Nicola Hosking and Dan Tonkin, who joins us again from Stay With Me. Nicola will be back in touch with her acting roots and playing the lead role, Ren. Other crew members rejoining are Rebecca Gaines and Scott Whitston. We look forward to working with all of the new cast and crew when we shoot in October!

Keep a look out for various updates a long the way.

By Momento Films, Sep 11 2015 10:15AM

Momento Films are proud to present the official poster for Stay With Me created by our very own Production Assistant, Scott Whitston. Fingers crossed we can add more laurels for film festival wins in the near future!

By Momento Films, Sep 3 2015 02:00PM

Very pleased to announce that Stay With Me has won an award at the Rahway International Film Festival for Best Actress in a Short Film. Huge congratulations to Laura Bayston for her very moving performance!

By Momento Films, Jul 8 2015 03:31PM

Great news! ‘Stay With Me’ has been officially selected for a screening at the Rahway International Film Festival in New Jersey. Let's all keep our fingers crossed for more news like this!