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"The film industry is an extremely collaborative business. This company is about bringing together talented freelancers to produce high quality media within a given brief, at the same time delivering material that grabs audiences and resonates with them."

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By Momento Films, Feb 2 2015 08:00PM

The filming for our debut short film STAY WITH ME has now come to an end - what a great few days, even if the weather was freezing!

Massive thanks goes to our wonderful crew, we couldn't have done this without you. Extra special thanks goes to Senior Executive Producer Ed Quinn who ploughed more money in than he ever intended so that we could see this through. Not forgetting to thank our super talented cast, especially Laura Bayston and Izzy Benezra - faultless acting throughout and a real pleasure to work alongside! Last but certainly not least...big shout out to each and every PLEDGER - it's your film too!

Let's get this thing edited and hope we have a film to be proud of.

By Momento Films, Jan 30 2015 09:00PM

Momento Films is happy to announce that our Kickstarter campaign for STAY WITH ME has been successfully funded. Thank you so much to all of our backers for your support, we are humbled and extremely appreciative.

Just to give you some idea of where your money is going...

Audition space = £80.

Cost of permit to film at the beach = £180.

Public Liabilty insurance = £84

...and that's without considering props/set design, catering, accommodation, travel...the list goes on!

Take a look at our Kickstarter campaign here:

By Momento Films, Jan 12 2015 05:00PM

We are very pleased to announce our main cast for STAY WITH ME! Our Mother, Laura, will be played by Laura Jay Bayston and daughter, Lola, will be played by Izzy Benezra! It was a tough decision but we are very happy with the final two.