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"The film industry is an extremely collaborative business. This company is about bringing together talented freelancers to produce high quality media within a given brief, at the same time delivering material that grabs audiences and resonates with them."

                                                                                                                                                   - Nicola Hosking, Company Director



Prior to establishing Momento Films, Nicola followed her passion for the arts by writing, directing, producing and acting in many other productions - please see below for a highlight of her work, including films, clips, trailers and commercials.

Black Ops: Operation Firemagic - TV series for Yesterday Channel.


Role: Actress - Air Hostess

All God's Children - Short Film


Roles: Actress/Location Manager

Black Awakening - Feature Film


Roles: Assistant Producer/Casting Director

Darktaile - Feature Film


Role: Actress

K-Shop - Feature Film


Roles: Art Department/Extra

Midnight Sky - Feature Film


Role: Co-Writer

Visit Facebook Visit Website Rampant Bull

The Rampant Bull and the Pathetic Panda - Play


Role: Director

A working performance of a play in production...

Part of the Boscombe Arts Festival. Presented by Doppelganger Firsts.



Don’t worry. You’re about to meet a man who’s just come out of prison for acts of extreme violence, but he’s calmed down now. The anger management counselling has worked. He’s a changed man. He’ll be able to cope with the problems of going straight. His lowlife old mates and criminal connections won’t drag him down, won’t bring the old bad habits back to life. He’ll impress the family court with his sobriety and clean iiving and be able to restore relations with his children … Maybe.

Who Killed Nelson Nutmeg? - Feature Film


Roles: Casting/Child Liason/Licensing



Ever wondered where your life would be if you had taken a different path?


Theories state there are an infinite number of universes with infinite possibilities. Everything that can happen does happen. We follow Matthew and Ellie in three of these parallel universes, where three separate choices set in motion three contrasting lives of love, regret & indifference.


Choices dictate the life we lead, but with each choice as infinite as the midnight sky, what is it that really matters? Double click to insert body text here ...

Isuzu Blade Zombie Commercial - Online Viral


Role: Extra